4 Things Candy Crush Taught Me About Running My Own Business


Think a silly Facebook game has nothing but time-wasting to offer? Think again. Here are 4 things Candy Crush taught me about running my own business.

1. Focus on the goal

Don't get caught up in activities that aren't directly working towards whatever your goal may be. Combining shiny red candies for explosions may be cool, but if your objective is collecting blue candies, you're wasting resources. 

2. Perseverance, with a little luck, pays off

Stuck? Can't level up? Keep at it. Eventually, the rewards will come. 

3. Sometimes you have to invest a little capital to get ahead

Whether it's a 99¢ purchase of 5 extra moves to finish a level or investing $1000 in your website to get it launched and drive inbound traffic for sales, give a little to get a lot. 

4. Stop playing Candy Crush and run your business! 

Probably the most valuable lesson to learn. I'm working on it.