Six months of NikComm and a week of Canadian Public Relations

Happy six months to NikComm! I only have time for a quick (and somewhat personal) post this week. I'm wrapping things up before my husband and I head to Cancun. (Hopefully we will remember what each other looks like. It has been a busy term trying to get NikComm up and running and we both need the break.) 

I'd say "enough about me!" but that wouldn't be true—sorry. Let me share two developments with you this week, both having to do with my business and the Canadian Public Relations Society. 

I'll be presenting at CPRS National Summit in May. Image from CPRS. 

I'll be presenting at CPRS National Summit in May. Image from CPRS. 

First, I was accepted to present a workshop at the CPRS National Summit in Banff, Alberta. I'll be facilitating a method to test an organization's social crisis strategy that doesn't require an actual crisis or even being online. More info will be up on the site soon, and I'll keep you posted. 

Second, I have started the process of becoming an Accredited Public Relations Professional. The APR designation is a recognition of experience and competence in the practice of public relations as judged by one's peers. It's a long haul over the next year, but I think I'm up to it. I'm being public about it so as to corner myself into public accountability. 

Thanks for your time, and thanks for your support as NikComm finishes its first six months of operations.