Tips from the Road: Social Media Calls-to-Action in Real Life

On a recent trip to Jasper, I came across 2 examples of real-world-to-digital-world calls-to-action. One was good, and one was very, very bad. Let's take a look at them and see why they worked, and why they didn't. 

The Good: Mondavi Wine #Win

More than just "Like us on Facebook!"

More than just "Like us on Facebook!"

This call-to-Facebook is good because it's audience-focussed. It contains a benefit for people to take the time to enter that rather long URL (which they did actually include on the label—another good move). I go to Facebook, find you, and you'll tell me about pairing your wines with my food. I "Like" that—in more ways than one.

The takeaway: Demonstrate value for your audience to join you on social media. 

The Bad: Location, Location, Location! 

Brewster's new Glacier Skywalk on Highway 93 is pretty awe-inspiring. What is not was the poorly thought-out attempt to get people talking about it on social media. Here's the bus that takes you from the Glacier View Inn to the Skywalk, in all its social media glory:  


In addition to things being incredibly unclear as to which hashtag I should be using (#awesome? #glacierskywalk? Both?) there's just one other teeny problem, as my iPhone will show you: 


Yup. There is no cell coverage (at least for my carrier) pretty much anywhere along Highway 93. Which means you have to remember to upload this photo to social media when you get back. And if you were not me and didn't save this photo to blog about it, you've probably already forgotten to upload it. Or, just won't be bothered to. Whoops.  

The takeaway: Remember that social media requires the Internet. If your audience can't access it, it's likely they won't participate. This goes for QR codes in the LRT, too. 

What are some good or bad social media calls-to-action you've come across? Let me know in the comments.