Make your live-tweeting live beyond the tweet wall

Event coming up? Maybe you're already a live-tweeting rockstar, or maybe you're participating for the first time in an event that will have live-tweeting. Either way, here are a few tips to make the experience benefit your brand beyond seeing your tweets visualized during the event. 

Wait ... Live-Whatting? 

Live-tweeting is when participants at an event or conference make use of a hashtag to discuss the event as it happens. Many events or conferences will display these tweets during the event. 

This is a tweet wall, used to visualize live-tweeting.

This is a tweet wall, used to visualize live-tweeting.

Bring your brand benefits beyond ...

Keep track of people and tweets

When an event is being live-tweeted, you can expect a lot of tweets over a short period of time, and then afterwards, not much. Twitter isn't great for harnessing energy beyond the event, but there are other ways to do this. 

With a tool like IFTTT, which stands for "if this, then that," you can automatically create a Twitter list of everyone using a particular hashtag as it happens. 

What's the point of this? Well, it will curate a list of people who have a particular interest in common with your brand. You can then watch or analyse that list later to see what other interests intersect. SocialBro is a tool that lets you do this—here's how

You can also keep track of tweets for later perusal. Twitter is thankfully getting much better at actually keeping tweets searchable beyond a couple of weeks, but you can back up their results by using other tools. IFTTT can save links to tweets, too. You can use this recipe to clip favourited tweets to Evernote, or this one to email yourself tweets if you don't use Evernote. 

Network in real life

I mentioned in a previous post that live-tweeting is a great way to arrange to meet in real life (IRL). Participating in live tweeting makes those networking conversations easier.


  1. You become more recognizable to conference participants, especially if you tweet under your real name with a recognizable headshot. 
  2. Other participants become more recognizable to you
  3. Tweets give you a great place to start conversations. 

I've experienced several occasions where, instead of the awkward, "So what do you do?" questions beyond the exchange of names, we've been able to say, "Oh! You're [@username]! I really liked your tweets during the last session," and the conversation took off from there. 

If you tend to go home with a bunch of business cards from an event or conference, keeping track of tweets and people makes it easier to do those follow-up emails, too. Now, you can say: "It was great talking to you ... I took a look at your tweet where you mentioned [blank]. I really like what you had to say"—or something. 


If your reason for being at an event goes beyond just being seen, then take some before and after steps to harness that live-tweeting energy to grow your network and strengthen relationships between your brand and those with whom you have something in common. A little planning and effort after can bring your brand—personal or professional—some benefits.