Need a trainer or speaker? 

Whether it's training your staff as part of a larger online public relations strategy implementation, or simply just having a compelling presentation for a event, NikComm can help.

Nikki Van Dusen has been teaching, training & facilitating adult learners for much of her career. Invite her to speak at your next conference, PD day or meeting. 

Recurring courses

Nikki teaches these courses regularly at Edmonton post-secondary institutions 

Public Relations & Digital Media

Offered as part of MacEwan University's Public Relations Diploma and an open studies course, this course looks at using the web and social media strategically as part of the PR toolkit. More info at MacEwan University

Developing an Integrated Social Media Strategy

Fundamentals of Social Media

These two courses are part of the core curriculum for the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension citations in social media marketing and social media communication. More information about the courses and program at UAlberta

Communication Fundamentals for Professionals

Offered at the University of Alberta to all students in the Faculty of Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences. More info at UAlberta

In-organization mentoring, training & consulting

If your business isn't confident in your social media participation skills, we help you get there, and  keep you there, through training and mentoring. This can be included as part of the internal readiness service, or tailor-made for your organization.

Teaching & speaking

Whether a you need a 2-hour workshop or a multi-day course, we can create and facilitate customized training to meet your specific needs.


Recent blog posts on training & speaking

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Supercharge your social content strategy

If your organization is on social media, you know that you have to keep those channels up-to-date with new content on a regular basis. You probably also know that some days, coming up with something to post can seem like the biggest challenge. How do you keep moving without seizing the engine? Add some high octane! 

How to turn your business plan into your web plan

Business plans and web plans have a lot in common. If you're starting a small business and know more about business planning than websites, this advice might help you get your website started.

Social media and your supporters and detractors [SLIDESHARE]

Procedures and processes can help you tackle issues around your organization and its external audiences. Here are some strategies to develop procedures around monitoring social conversations, creating content and engaging with supporters and critics strategically and with less risk to your reputation.

Social media and your employees [SlideShare]

Social media is risky, and your employees (and you!) contribute to that. Get your governance ducks in a row, and educate and coach employees to reduce risk to your organization.

We don't need no stinkin' policy!

With the advent of new tools like Facebook at Work, you may find yourself trying to govern employee behaviour on internal and external social media. Don't make the policy mistake. 

"I'm not a blogger."

Do you find yourself struggling with blog upkeep? Why not see if you can turn the bane of your office existence into content for articles.  

Setting and measuring social media objectives doesn't have to suck

If you dread setting objectives for your social media campaign, or if social media is playing a part in a larger campaign and you have no idea how to show how it contributes, attend this upcoming workshop.

Better social media engagement through "Technology Relations"

Move over, media relations; it's time for technology relations. If your PR is mediated by technology—and a lot of it is these days—it's time to cultivate your TR skills. 

Writing for the Web (all of it): Can Jakob Nielsen and Gawker get along?

Are web pages staid, boring bits of information and blogs run-on opinions? It's like the left brain and the right brain aren't working together. Why can't we all just get along?

What does a PDF have to do with Public Relations?

In the first class of Public Relations and Digital Media at MacEwan University, I spend 90 minutes showing students how to create and optimize a PDF from a Word document. Why? What does this have to do with PR? Quite a bit. 

THANK YOU. You are a great instructor and you led the best classes I’ve had in years. I felt engaged by your lectures and the content you shared, and all the panellists you invited were just perfect!
— Lana, MacEwan University student
Every week I took something from the class or readings that I could Immediately put to good use to improve my business and my work!
— Margaux, MacEwan University student
Loved your session—was my favourite break-out by far. I’m definitely going to make it part of our crisis management planning sessions at my company!
— Andrea, IABC International Conference participant